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Welcome to What's My Service Cost your resource for pricing and checking the cost of your next car service.


There’s no question that regular servicing of your car prolongs the life of its mechanical components, provides roadworthiness, gives you peace of mind and by preventing unforeseen faults can save you money in the long run.

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There are three main car service routes, Dealer service, Independent service or if you are feeling brave the DIY service.


When using a Dealer to service your car you can be sure that you’ll benefit from the use of genuine car parts, a warranty and the experience and training tailored to your car.

Using an Independent car service provider can often be a very cost effective way of servicing your car, shaving pounds off a Dealer service. Ensure they are VAT registered and use approved parts .Not many people realise that there’s more than one type of car service. This is usually broken down into Major Service, Full Service, Interim Service, Oil Service, Inspection Service and so on.


Generally the type of service is dependant on mileage and age. Remember components and fluids breakdown with age as well as with use.

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  When comparing service costs it's always wise to check exactly what work is being carried out and also determining what exactly is necessary. Your car handbook will very often indicate what is required at a specified service interval.

 recovery vehicleNot regularly servicing your car can result in expensive repairs, breakdowns and in the worse case could lead to a mot failure. 
  Remember new cars need a service too, this will ensure your manufacturers warranty remains valid.